Courses and professors 2nd term (October 2004 -- December 2004)

Tree Automata and Tree Languages
Magnus Steinby, Turku
Graph Grammars and Graph Transformation
Hans-Jörg Kreowski, Bremen
Formal Power Series
Werner Kuich, Vienna
DNA Computing: Theory and Experiments
Grzegorz Rozenberg, Leiden
Membrane Computing
Gheorghe Paun, Tarragona
Splicing Systems
Rani Siromoney, Madras
Aqueous Computing
Tom Head, Binghamton NY
Developmental Languages vs. DNA Computing
Arto Salomaa, Turku
Cellular Automata
Giancarlo Mauri, Milano
Quantum Computing
Cristian Calude, Auckland
Formal Language Theory and the Description of Natural Languages
Context-Free Grammar Parsing
Giorgio Satta, Padua
Probabilistic Parsing
Marc Jan Nederhof, Groningen
Tree Adjoining Grammars
James Rogers, Richmond IN
Categorial Grammars
Michael Moortgart, Utrecht
Weighted Finite-State Transducers
Mehryar Mohri, Florham Park NJ
Formal Languages and Logic
Vincenzo Manca, Verona
Grammatical Inference and Learning
Colin de la Higuera, St. Etienne
Grammar-Theoretic Models in Artificial Life
Jozef Kelemen, Opava
Syntactic Methods in Pattern Recognition
Rudolf Freund, Vienna
Automata-Based Techniques for Verification and Other Decision Problems
Oscar Ibarra, Santa Barbara CA
Formal Languages and Concurrent Systems
Jetty Kleijn, Leiden
Text Retrieval
Ricardo Baeza-Yates, Santiago de Chile
Fernando Guzmán, Binghamton NY
Valtteri Niemi, Helsinki